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ballard:   "All women are different. Learn and discover what she wants. If she is a good person, she'll do the same for you. Help each other out, don't fight or criticize. Just like the whole rest of the relationship." to article Fifty Mistakes Men Make When Having Sex  (01/25/2008)
ballard:   "Some women demand sex frequently, dont care how a man feels, or if he comes at all. Some women come in thirty seconds and repeatedly, and sometimes for even looking at her cross-eyed. It's boring and unromantic, but this some women can't help it. Should I blame her for being this way? No. Can we do much to change it? Not really. Does complaining help the situation? Nope. Love and understa ..." to article Fifty Mistakes Men Make When Having Sex  (01/25/2008)
ballard:   "Problem: Most Americans are shopping, spending fools. Solution: Reduce MPC, decrease beta. Translation: buy only what you absolutely need to survive, start saving 10-20% of income. Being dirt broke is the best way to learn. The trick is to live that same way when a raise comes along. Self-control people, it's not magic. Prediction: Taxes in the futur ..." to article What Household Budget Percentage Breakdown Is Typical?  (01/25/2008)
ballard:   "Guys: Foreplay for women includes the previous 20 hours. Do the dishes, take out the trash, keep her happy all day and all the time if you want lovin'. Don't worry, she'll find fault with you and complain about something. Ignore it, women are rarely satisfied. Know her cycle. Also, women are in a 24x7 beauty contest with other women. They buy stuff to impress each other. ..." to article 10 Situations where Men and Women Differ So Much!  (01/25/2008)
ballard:   Vote for article 10 Situations where Men and Women Differ So Much!  (01/25/2008)
ballard:   "Love requires mystery to be special. Trust and romance keeps it together. Trying to create attraction with psychological trickery is dishonorable, and comes through loud-and-clear as creepy, deceptive and uncomfortable. But hey, morality is out the window, along with common-sense. Finding contentment and making a difference is everyone's job individually. Do what you love and ma ..." to article How Men Select Women  (01/25/2008)
ballard:   "Hey, this isn't my forte but I hope this feedback helps you get your article submitted. 'Mishaps' It's just a quick edit. UV = ionizing radiation = DNA strand breakage = aging = cancer = death. Baywatch babes used tanless stuff. We humans do need about 10 minutes of natural sunlight per week to convert Vit A -> D and who knows what else, scientists dont know eve ..." to article 5 Beauty Mishaps to avoid for Prom Night  (01/25/2008)
ballard:   New article How to know if someone is worth your time.  (01/24/2008)
ballard:   Vote for article Make a Superb First Impression  (01/24/2008)
ballard:   "Basically correct and useful. If you're interested in them genuinely, others will want to help you out... because you'll get the person out of automatic pilot. Take consistent action, KEEP COMMITMENTS and give value first will keep the tempo. All the tid-bits from 'how to win friends and influence people.' - Avoiding talking about oneself (we're not t ..." to article Make a Superb First Impression  (01/24/2008)
ballard:   "BRAVO! To me, it's common-sense. Lack of leadership. When the ranks question the purpose, they're looking around for sensible leadership alternatives to follow because of a lack of TRUST. If Bush were to say to the higher-echelon, and to trust the subordinates, unlike nixon/kissinger/rove-style, 'there's going to be an internal coup de tat on xx yy ,' folks would be okay with that and execute ..." to article We Are Going To Hit Iran. Bigtime  (01/24/2008)
ballard:   Vote for article We Are Going To Hit Iran. Bigtime  (01/24/2008)
ballard:   Vote for article How To Recognize A Functionally Illiterate Person?  (01/24/2008)


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