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Konto zostalo zablokowane na stale
Reason: Kradzież tożsamości, wielokrotny plagiat

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contra:   "this is a very interested topic and I do not undrestand ,why people do not react.Don't they have any long-distance-relationship? I have and I can say : it really works!I do not mean to say,that we both are so reasonable and apply all of those mentioned points in our life,but clearly saying,I do not remember myself controlling him ,or being controlled.I think such a task is either forgotten between ..." to article Long Distance Relationships: Tips For Making Them Work  (03/12/2009)
contra:   "But it's supposed to know,that the shapes and the height of wine glass have changed a little.Not so long ago,it was said that all the tulip-shaped wine glass on the long 'leg' was supposed to be used only for the red wine.Now,we can observe,that they are not so tall,as it used to be.They are closer to the glass suitable only for white wine.the fashion changes and I think,makes more simple to recognise,which glass should be used to the certain wine quality." to article Everything You Wanted to Know About Wine Glasses But Were Afraid to Ask  (03/12/2009)


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