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dnavyk:   "You're my hero ;)" to article Tantric Techniques for How to Please a Woman  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "cause it's not about sex ;)" to article Long Distance Relationships: Tips For Making Them Work  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "Two word: interesting, inspiring " to article 5 Inspirations for Being in the Moment  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "The problem is, you usually play darts after few beers ;)" to article How To Throw Darts  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "'when women have 7 times the pleasure as men that women can reach an orgasm' - wow. so we (men) just have to try 7 times harder ;) " to article Better Sex Tips for Women  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "WIne is incredible. Tastes good, smells good, feels good ;)" to article Everything You Wanted to Know About Wine Glasses But Were Afraid to Ask  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "Cool article, but I really just don't like all this Ajax thing" to article PRADO performance tuning for high-traffic web applications  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "Time is the only resource you can't buy, so use it with wisely" to article Follow the Sraight Line to your goals  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "good point. " to article How to make a great presentation  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "Question is not how much you can drink, but if you really have to drink? What for? " to article Do you know what you're drinking? - Alcohol and Units  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "Yeah. Good point" to article Psychology of men  (02/22/2011)
dnavyk:   "Really good article. Thanks" to article Who Owns the Copyright for An Open Source Project  (02/22/2011)


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