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memnik:   "interesting reading. thanks" to article Easy Steps To Get Past Writers Block  (01/15/2011)
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memnik:   "ubuntu is cool, but i prefer gentoo. the geek way, not this give-me-wizard-for-everything style ;)" to article Managing users in Ubuntu  (01/15/2011)
memnik:   "if you use it correctly, yes. " to article Password Hashing  (01/15/2011)
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memnik:   "Just be yourself. And try to understand the other person, not to manipulate her" to article 10 Incredible Ways to Start Creating the Relationship that You Want  (01/15/2011)
memnik:   "First thing shoud be - dont overcomplicate. Simplify things. Good desing is all about simplicity. Signal vs Noise :)" to article Top 10 Web Design Mistakes  (01/15/2011)
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memnik:   "simplicity of the math? Man, i didnt understand a thing from this formulas ;)" to article The Google PageRank Algorithm in 126 Lines of Python  (01/15/2011)
memnik:   "wow. really good article. lot of knowledge about wine" to article Everything You Wanted to Know About Wine Glasses But Were Afraid to Ask  (01/15/2011)
memnik:   "yeah. most important thing: dont overcomplicate. simplify. " to article Follow the Sraight Line to your goals  (01/15/2011)
memnik:   "most important part : be confident. it really works" to article How to make a great presentation  (01/15/2011)
memnik:   "Good reading" to article Do you know what you're drinking? - Alcohol and Units  (01/15/2011)


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